Cole Creek Homes in Fort Mill, SC

The Cole Creek townhouse subdivision is located in Fort Mill SC, but just barely.  I have always liked the floor plans of Portrait townhomes but Cole Creek has more going than just layouts of the units.  When you hear someone usually say something is a stones throw away from something else you get the idea that it is close.  In the case of Cole Creek it’s actually true.  I have not tried it but I bet you could stand in this subdivision and throw a stone into North Carolina.  Cole Creek is just south of Pineville on highway 51. It’s just a few minutes from the Carolina Place Mall and all of the shopping and dining on South Street.  This puts Cole Creek just a few miles from Uptown Charlotte and most points in the Charlotte Metro region.

Ok, Ok, enough about location.  As I mentioned before I do like the layouts of the townhomes in this community.  Portrait did a nice job with openness and flow.  Most of the units have a good cozy feel without the claustrophobia you can get with other units in other communities.  Cole Creek also sports a clubhouse and pool.  In an era where some townhouse neighborhoods are getting hurt by falling values, the Cole Creek subdivision in Fort Mill has done a good job of maintaining it’s value.

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