Bridgehampton Homes in Fort Mill, SC

I know, I know, most of Bridgehampton is in Charlotte NC and not Fort Mill SC.  But that doesn't change the fact that part of it is in SC so I am adding it to my list of neighborhoods.  Let's face it, what Realtor wouldn't want to assist someone in purchasing a home worth 400K.  I'm not all about the money, my clients come first, but if I told you the thought never entered my head you would know I was a liar.  There is also the fact that Bridgehampton is a pretty special neighborhood. First of all it's huge.  Huge but not just some mammoth sprawling complex that you get lost in.  Bridgehampton is broken down into individual neighborhoods.  The main drive winds down through a tree lined valley with different enclaves off to the left and right.  Most of the homes are over 3000 square feet and have price tags over 300K.  But please remember my comments about the individual neighborhoods.  There is a pretty big swing from one end to the other.  They are still selling new homes too. t My last comment is about the amenities.  Wow comes to mind.  Enormous clubhouse, tennis courts, pool with big slides, a pond, walking trails, etc.  Yes, in Bridgehampton you will find a lot to offer.  Thus the price tag.

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