Adler Grove Homes in Fort Mill, SC

Adler Grove is another True Homes community in Fort Mill that qualifies for 100% USDA financing. (right now. as of october 1 2013 it will not) It is also the smallest new home neighborhood that I have ever seen. It's all on one road. Unless True plans more developments this is going to be about a 15 home neighborhood. But per usual True has the rest of the neighborhoods undercut from the price perspective. If you are looking for a nice no frills home in Fort Mill you might want to race over to Adler Grove before all of the lots are gone.

Call to speak with an agent who lives and works in the area if you would like more info about  Adler Grove.    

Now for the pitch: folks, most builders don’t have a line item on their contracts that will subtract a certain amount if you represent yourself. Some might want to but none of them want to alienate agents who bring them business. If you are hesitant to believe an agent I suggest you check up on me and ask them. If I’m correct, why would you not want an experienced agent watching your back?


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