Real estate tips and how to guides for your home and properties

Invest in real estate: where, when and how?


Investing in real estate can be an attractive option, especially when it is a new or an under construction house or apartment. Not to mention the real estate opportunities abroad…

Before investing in real estate, the future buyer must take into account the location of the property he/she covets. He/she should favor an environment without a vis-à-vis for instance. It is necessary, before starting, to make the right enquiries with the right services about potential future constructions planned around the property. If the investment is a rental property, it is necessary to invest in an area where the market is attractive.

Rental investment

Investing in a rental property offers several advantages, as well as an attractive tax system. This investment not only allows a tax reduction, but also helps you build a retirement capital/wealth.

It is also a significant additional pension that results from rents collected. However, the future buyer will take into account the location of the property. He/she should check that it is not located in one of the cities to avoid due to a saturated rental market. If the buyer decides to invest in a new property, he/she can benefit from a tax reduction, depending on the law in place. Global Real Estate is the way tio go to learn more about investments!


Real estate agent

To sell his/her property, an owner may decide to either carry out a real estate negotiation between individuals, or use a real estate agent to manage his transaction. The real estate agent is the main and most important professional in real estate sales.


Real estate contract

Like any contract, the real estate one includes an offer and an acceptance which are crucial conditions for its validity. The real estate agent is responsible for writing the offer and publishing it…More about real estate operations at FAQ Real Estate


Real estate terms

Obviously, we all want to buy properties on the best terms. But what are those specific terms? The answer depends on several factors: personal, seasonal, real estate market, location of the property…and, of course, the financial aspects!