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Fort Mill is a small town located at the northern tip of South Carolina. The town is relatively small in size, with a total area of under five square miles. Fort Mill sits just south of North Carolina and its largest city, Charlotte.  As Charlotte continues to grow and attract visitors and residents from around the world, the towns and cities in its surroundings develop along with it. In fact, Fort Mill have become much more attractive, the town is nearby suburb of the booming city of Charlotte.  Aside from the town's proximity to Charlotte, many other reasons abound as to why people may want to look into Fort Mill.

What makes Fort Mill, SC Special?

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of Fort Mill is that the town is located in proximity with two large cities: Rock Hill and Charlotte.  Since Rock Hill, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina are large and developed cities, they have most of the amenities, attractions, and activities that can be found in any major city.
Fort Mill sits right in between these two cities, with Charlotte being approximately five miles north and Rock Hill merely a few miles to the south of Fort Mill.  Such proximity to these major cities means that Fort Mill residents and visitors can enjoy Fort Mill's small-town charm but wouldn't have to miss out on the fast-paced city life, which can be found in Rock Hill and Charlotte.

Fort Mill Real Estate and Homes - History

Like many other towns and cities in North Carolina and South Carolina, Fort Mill has a rich history.  Fort Mill's history began long before the first white settlers came to the area.  Some of the first inhabitants of the territory now known as Fort Mill were the Native Americans known as the Catawba. The first white settlers came to the area in the mid-1700s. A man named Thomas Spratt and his wife were invited by the Catawba to spend the night in the area before going on with their travel.  The Catawba then offered the Spratts a relatively large lot of land and invited the Spratts to settle and live there, making them the first white settlers in the territory now known as Fort Mill.
Since the Spratts settled at Fort Mill, more people continued to pass through and settle in the area.  Throughout the 1750s and '60s, the Spratts were joined by Scotch-Irish settlers, forming a small settlement in the area that continued to grow into what is now the town of Fort Mill.  The textile industry played a large role in attracting people and business to Fort Mill, as textile mills began popping up throughout the area in the 1800s.  In 1873, Fort Mill was officially established and the town has slowly continued to develop since.

Fort Mill Real Estate and Homes - Landmarks and Attractions

Fort Mill has wonderful parks and recreational areas for people to enjoy and relax at. One of the most popular parks is the Anne Springs Close Greenway.  The Anne Springs Close Greenway features over 2,000 acres of nature's beauty. With lush forests, expansive pastures, and beautiful lakes, the Greenway is a great place for anyone who wants to enjoy nature at its best. Another popular attraction at Fort Mill is the Knights Stadium, which is the home stadium of the baseball team the Charlotte Knights.
Confederate Park is a great town attraction and landmark in Fort Mill that serves as a monument to the American Civil War. These main attractions and more do no only serve as places for entertainment and recreation, but they also increase the value of Fort Mill Real Estate and homes.

Fort Mill Real Estate adn Homes - Other Interesting Information

Despite Fort Mill's relatively small size, numerous schools can be found in the area. All of the schools in Fort Mill serve as elementary schools, middle schools, or high schools. As of the beginning of 2009, there is yet to be a college or university in Fort Mill. Still, those who live in Fort Mills Real Estate and homes can take up their tertiary studies in colleges in universities found in Rock Hill, Charlotte, or any other nearby locations.

Fort Mill Real Estate and Homes

Fort Mill Real Estate and homes are a great choice for anyone who wants to live in a small and relatively quiet town, while still being able to enjoy the benefits of living in a big city.  The town of Fort Mill has continued to push for growth by improving the town's amenities and raising the value of Fort Mill Real Estate and homes.  Organizations like Move Fort Mill Forward are continually looking for new ways to make Fort Mill an even better place to live in. With such a steady push for development in Fort Mill, it seems as if now is as good a time to purchase Fort Mill Real Estate.



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